There are several ways that you can work with Henry to gain more exposure for your historical site, venue, or brand.

With around 750,000 video views a month on social media, History with Henry is uniquely placed to help you reach the people that matter most to you.

A meet and greet visit From Henry VIII

Imagine having Henry VIII at your venue to meet your visitors. He is instantly recognisable to the masses and effortlessly engages in humorous banter with guests.

Imagine your visitor’s delight as they pose for selfies with England’s most recognisable monarch.

A  visit can be coupled with a pre and post-visit social media campaign.

A content visit from Henry VIII

Have Henry and his team visit your site in private and record content for broadcast on our social media channels. At the same time, we gather information for blog posts about interesting stories.

There are several packages available that can provide unique exposure for you.

Sponsor Henry

Our audience is varied, educated and inquisitive. We don’t just deal with historic venues and locations; we work with brands as well.

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