There is a wealth of material available on YouTube about Henry VIII. Which, if any, is actually any good?
In this post, we’ve compiled 10 of the best YouTube videos available on the most infamous monarch in English history.
Also notice that we haven’t included any of our own videos in this particular post, but we do have a fabulous channel but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

1. Henry VIII Oversimplified 

Oversimplified is a YouTube channel with almost 6,000,000 subscribers. You don’t get to that size without producing great content. All the videos are animated and full of humour. This could be a great introduction for children to the wonderful world of the Tudors and Henry VIII.

2. Rethinking Henry VIII – David Starkey 

The absolute opposite spectrum to Oversimplified is David Starkey. Starkey has had his issues recently and that has led him to starting his David Starkey Talks YouTube channel. In short, there is no greater authority alive on the subject of Henry VIII than David Starkey, and he knows how to tell a story. This video in this video Starkey provides insights beyond the standard Henry VIII fare. Great for the more experienced viewer.

3. Tudor Feast – Simple History 

Back to animation with Simple History. Again, they know their audience and they do it well. They have almost 4,000,000 subscribers so it is another very popular channel.

This video is slightly different as the focus isn’t particularly on Henry VIII but on what he might have consumed at a typical Tudor feast. Another great video for the kids.

4. Henry VIII – Prince Henry – David Starkey 

Back on David Starkey here. In this video he looks at the adolescent period of Henry VIII.

Often Henry’s childhood before he became king at 17 is overlooked. Well worth a watch as he highlights some of the education and learning that made him the man he was.

5. The Mistresses of Henry VIII – History Tea Time 

This video is done in a PowerPoint type format. The channel has almost 600,000 subscribers so you can be sure there is some great content in there.

Again, a slightly different focus on this video which narrows in on the Mistresses of Henry VIII.

6. The Horrible Histories Song 

Any child in the UK can probably sing you this song off by heart. If they can’t, then it’s probably best to put them in front of it.

Oh and Rowan Atkinson is Henry VIII in this video.

7. Henry VIII’s Syphilis – Reading The Past

Dr Kat runs the Reading The Past YouTube channel. This video combines a talking head format together with PowerPoint slides.

It addresses the very interesting issue, did Henry VIII ever have syphilis? It goes on to discuss some other medical conditions that Henry may or may not have suffered from.

8. When Henry VIII fell in Love with Anne Boleyn – Timeline 

4 million subscribers tell you Timeline produce great content. This is a well made documentary on the subject of the romance between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

9. Henry VIII Love, Sex and Marriage – Historic Royal Palaces 

This is Historic Royal Palaces, if anyone knows what they are talking about when it comes to Henry VIII then it’s these guys.

One slight drawback to this video is that it is a little old, and the quality of the recording isn’t quiet up the standards of today. If you can live with that, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

10. Henry VIII – The Tyrant of the Tudors – The People Profiles

This video addresses the subject of Henry VIII’s tyranny. It’s over an hour long so get a coffee on the go and settle down.