Henry VIII in Numbers

The Life and Reign of Henry VIII in Numbers

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A slightly different blog post;  The life and reign of King Henry VIII in Numbers. All of the key information and statistics
you need.

Henry VIII was just 17 when he became King of England

Henry VIII married 6 times.

Henry VIII had 6 Children only 4 reached their 1st Birthday

Henry VIII owned over 60 Palaces, Castles and Houses

Henry VIII reigned for 36 years

Henry VIII died aged 55

Henry VIII was the 2nd monarch of the Tudor Dynasty

Henry VIII invaded France 2 times.

Henry VIII had 6 Siblings

Henry VIII was the 2nd Son. 

Henry VIII executed 72000 people during his reign

Henry VIII was 6 foot 2 inches tall

Henry VIII was born on 28th June 1491

Henry VIII died on 28th January 1547

Henry VIII was crowned on the 24th June 1509

Henry VIII was buried on 16th February 1547

Henry VIII became king on 22nd April 1509

Henry VIII had a waist of 32 inches in 1512

Henry VIII had a waist of 54 inches when he died

Henry VIII weigh around 400 pounds (181kg) when he died

Henry VIII’s armour weighs around 94 pounds (42.6kg)

Henry VIII made around £200,000 from the dissolution of the monasteries

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